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Dental implant in the gum - Isolated on white

Missing teeth can result from genetics, sport injuries, periodontal diseases, poor dental hygiene, or other instances in which teeth are damaged. Dental implants are a way to replace missing teeth and typically consist of a titanium alloy that has been biologically engineered for compatibility within the mouth.

Some of the benefits of dental implants may include, but are not limited to:

  1. No removal necessary for sleeping and eating
  2. May be a better option than dentures due to durability and long term stability (typically, dentures must be replaced every 7-15 years)
  3. Can also be used in conjuncture with dentures
  4. Offer a permanent solution to teeth loss
  5. Strengthen and reinforce the jaw for a healthy mouth

The dental implant procedure begins with the positioning and installation of the anchor (usually titanium). This anchor will be connected directly to the jawbone for maximum stability and endurance. The custom-built prosthetic crown will be added three to eight months after the anchor has been installed in order for the implant to properly adhere to the bone.