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Cavities and decay can cause permanent damage to a patient’s mouth. If a dentist finds sufficient decay during a routine dental checkup or teeth cleaning, the dentist may recommend fillings. To help prevent cavities, decay, and dental fillings, patients should practice proper dental hygiene, such as consistent brushing and flossing. While fillings can often repair dental decay, severe damage may require further dental procedures with a crown, cap, or root canal.

In addition to regular fillings, inlays and onlays are also available. Inlays and onlays are indirect methods of restoration that utilize a solid filling that is cemented into place. This method is useful in reconstructing back molars in cases where the damage is not too severe. In cases of severe dental decay, a bridge or crown may also be necessary to save the existing tooth.

Dr. Toy, DDS of Ventura County and his staff understand that even the best preventative care measures may still result in necessary fillings. Regular dental checkups and teeth cleanings should detect the presence of advanced damage and allow patients to act proactively to address teeth decay before more extensive procedures are required.