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Oral cancer can be successfully treated in many cases, but it must be detected early to be treated most effectively. Two percent of all cancers are oral cancers, which can often be diagnosed during routine teeth cleanings. Some oral cancer risk factors include, but are not limited to tobacco and cigarette use.

Some symptoms of precursors to oral cancers show symptoms such as:
– Lesions
– Thick or lumpy tissue in gums
– Overall soreness
– Difficulty chewing or swallowing
– Jaw problems
– Numbness in tongue
– Vocal cord pain or chronic hoarseness
– Voice changes
– Persistent bad breath
– Swelling of any part of the mouth or jaw

If patients experience any or all of these symptoms for a period of over two weeks, they should consult their doctor or dentist immediately.

Fortunately, there are a many reasonable actions you can take that may reduce chances of oral cancer. Daily brushing, flossing, and a healthy diet go a long way in preventing cancers of all sorts, including oral cancer. Routine teeth cleanings are also a key factor because they work to prevent and find traces of oral cancer and can eradicate its early onset.