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Why is Special Needs Sedation Dentistry Beneficial for those with Developmental Disabilities?

Maintaining pristine oral health during childhood, teen age years, and through adulthood is crucial as permanent teeth grow and develop. For patients with developmental disabilities, brushing and flossing daily may be difficult, or near impossible. Visiting a dentist regularly is necessary for deep cleanings, routine checkups, and other dental work in order to improve dental health and prevent additional health complications. Special needs sedation dentistry relaxes the patient under general anesthesia to ease fear and anxiety in order for Dr. Toy to properly care for and treat all patients.

Dr. Toy and his licensed anesthesiologist, Dr. Chen, work together to provide comprehensive oral care under sedation. General anesthesia places the patient in a sleeping state, and oral sedatives may help to relax the patient prior to arriving at the dentist’s office.

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